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Those who know Watford, a town in Hertfordshire, English and just 15 miles from London will tell you that before you start exploring London, see what Watford has to offer and you’ll be amazed. Watford Colosseum, for instance, hosts highly entertaining classical and popular music events while Cassiobury Park has to be one of the favourite outdoor parks in Watford. We offer great deals to and from Watford to London with our minibus and coach hire speciality packages prices ranging from £350 to £750, the prices depend on millage, dates, times, hours  and return or single 

There is so much more to see and do you may well never get to London. Minibus Watford day trips are hugely popular, and in fact, private coach travel is the most popular option for travelling across the UK. And why wouldn’t it be? You can hire your luxury air-conditioned coach with a driver and have a whale of a time getting to all your activities safely, in supreme comfort, in style and without having to contend with all the nightmares associated with being a stranger in an unknown town.

What better way to visit in and around Watford and at the end of a busy day, having a fresh, skilled driver get you back again. The driver does all the navigating of unfamiliar roads and contends with bombastic drivers who wouldn’t tolerate your uncertainties on the road.

Unmistakable Luxury and Convenience

Minibus Watford with a driver offers so many wonderful benefits and one of them is that as the scenery unfolds before you can sit back, gaze out the tinted windows and let someone else whisk you around. You don’t have to focus on driving but you can rather read or listen to music and arrive at your destination totally relaxed and refreshed after short or long journeys.

Travelling by coach is affordable too when you take into account the cost of petrol today, car wear and tear, the stress of congested roads and trying to find parking. Health is priceless, and the peace you experience with these stress-free coach hire journeys makes it even more worthwhile.

There’s a sense of adventure in Watford, a town in Hertfordshire, England, and its location close to London means bigger sightseeing opportunities. So many people love music and you can get into the swing of thing at Cassiobury Park which hosts one of the UK’s biggest jazz events, and what’s more – it’s free. In the city, you’ll find heaps of dance classes too and opportunities to take up any hobby you’re interested in.

Day trips to visit your loves one 

Death creates a mixture of emotions like sadness, loss and grief. Minibus Watford is here to help you go through this difficult period and give your loved one a decent send-off. Our fleet of vehicles is made up of coaches and minibuses of different capacities to accommodate the number of people planning to attend the funeral. Also, Minibus Watford drivers behave professionally and are respectful throughout the journey. Here are cemeteries located near Watford:

North Watford Cemetery

The cemetery is located on the North-Western Avenue. It has a section where mourners can perform religious activities and special areas for kids and people of the Muslim faith. There is the Garden of Rest where mourners bury the deceased and the Garden of Remembrance for those who wish to rest the remains of a cremated person.

Vicarage Road Cemetery

The cemetery is located along Vicarage Road. Unfortunately, the Vicarage Road Cemetery does not have new grave spaces, so burials are held in common graves and the Garden of Rest area. Also, the cemetery does not have an official car park.

Carpenders Cemetery

It was established in 1954 and sits on a fourteen-acre of land. Since Carpenders cemetery is a lawn kind of cemetery, mourners are not allowed to bring upright memorials. A particular area has been set apart for the Muslim community. make the right choice for your day trip minibus and coach hire services today.



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